Nicki Minaj becomes a dungeon dragon

Well Nicki Minaj A.K.A Roman A.K.A the woman with a full house of characters in her head has decided that she isn’t happy with Wal-Mart and Target. Here is what Miss Minaj had to say:

“It’s hard to get the album because the stores basically said that the last few re-releases they had put out did not do well and they didn’t want to take a chance. Target and Wal-Mart are not selling the album, and Target is actually my biggest retailer. Best Buy only took limited [stock] because they wanted to play it safe. It kinda sets you up to fail.”

I don’t think that blaming stores is a way to go when you release your next album. To be honest, if you would like to have people want to buy your albums-then you should probably not call your album a re-release because you’ve basically re-released your first album. While the song are different, calling your album “Pink Friday: Roman’s Excellent Adventure” is basically making everyone assume that it’s a re-release of the one before it. Maybe if you tried a new album title, Target and Wal-Mart would be more willing to sell your album. It’s basically like you re-wrapping the same gift over and over. No one wants a re-wrapped gifted, even if it might be somewhat new. My advice to you, Nicki, is to try not making an album with the title “Pink Friday” because you are just setting yourself up to fail. Get creative and bounce names back with Roman for your next album. It’s all about marking and that is just poor marketing.

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