Cry Me a River: The Jelena Saga Part XXV Extended

Jelena Weekly

Buckle up all you Poppers, we have a lot to dish about in this weeks “Weekly Kiki”. For those of you that have lived under a rock, a Kiki is a party, for calming all your nerves. We’re spilling tea, and dishing just desserts one may deserve. So lock the doors, lower the blinds, fire up the smoke machine and put on your heels-it’s about to get real up in this bitch. Let’s have a Kiki!

And on our golden platter this week-Jelena! Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez has been the center of attention lately and now it’s starting to heat up as Selena sang an amazing cover of “Cry Me a River” by Justin Timberlake at the UNICEF charity concert last Saturday.  Here’s where all the juice is- Justin sang the same song just a day after the original breakup way back in November and Selena sang it 100 times better that the Biebs. Not even Bieber’s massive amount of what ever “Swaggy” is could have saved his now Instagrammed ass from getting burned.  This has been Selena’s first public acknowledgement and she made it known that it was over for real!

Also since the breakup, Selena has been reported to be drinking her sorrows away with her legal and newly single BFF Taylor Swift while the Bieber has lit one up and passing the dutchie with his friends. Selena and Justin have been going cra-cra since they broke up.  Personally, Selena is trying to mend her broken heart while the Bieber’s is just trying to find a girl to jump his bones  Since Justin is a totally “player”, it’s only a matter of time before he comes in a sweeps  the serial dater Taylor off of her feet.

As stated in this blog post, these two were never actually suppose to be together because of the different lifestyles and such. Look, whether they are cra-cra or not these two are going down a path of some fudged up trouble. Time will only tell whether one of them turns into Lindsay Lohan, Justin knocks boots with Taylor (that’s gonna happen real soon), or if Selena will become a slut after her Rated R Movie debut “Spring Breakers”.

Watch Selena Sing “Cry Me A River”

Watch Justin Sing “Cry Me A River”

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