You give pants a bad name

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I’m the kind of person that will openly and willing judge everyone on the stupid and horrible life choices that soberly decided to make. One horrible life choice that I absolutely can’t stand is girls that wear legging as pants. I totally get it’s extremely comfortable but that still doesn’t make it okay. It’s also extremely comfortable to walk around naked but one goes to jail for that in certain states/areas of the country.  Leggings as pants are just you being lazy and we don’t stand for laziness in these United States. It’s like wearing pajamas all day to class, that is like the extreme form of being lazy. It takes the same amount of effort to put on a pair of jeans or slacks (yes, I just used the word slacks) as it does to put on leggings. The only different is, that your kid factory isn’t all up in everyone grill when you be sporting’ the leggings as pants.

In one of my classes, this girl was giving a presentation and she wore leggings and let me tell you-her man-trap was out in full force every time she would have to reach to point something out on the screen. Now, I’m going to let you sit there and picture that in your mind. Have that picture in your mind? Good because that’s not the presentation that I was expecting.  Granted, she wasn’t wearing an extremely long shirt (it was a t-shirt) but that’s still no excuse for flashing your baby chute to everyone. Even with a long shirt, it’s still going to come out and you might as well just wear a dress with no underwear then.  Don’t you remember the days when it was expected required to keep your forbidden areas under wraps-those were the good old days. I miss those days.

If you must wear leggings as pants, then just wearing them in the privacy of your own room.  Unlike most Americans, I feel like what you do in the privacy of your room/home is nothing but your business. So feel free to parade around home/room in your leggings but put some real pants on when you are going to leave.

Now I know what you are thinking, all the celebrities wear leggings as pants and I just want to be like [insert name here]. Well, Lindsay Lohan allegedly smokes a bunch of crystal meth and gets wasted every night, are you going you going to do that next too?

If you still want to be comfortable then put on a pair of yoga pants, word on the street is that men love a girl in yoga pants, or even a pair of sweatpants. At least then, you will be comfortable and you won’t have to worry about peekachu trying to escape. It’s a win-win! Go put on some actually pants now if you are wearing leggings as pants and you are reading this in public.  Only you have to power to make your mystery machine stay a mystery.

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