“Amanda PUH-LEEZE!” A letter to Amanda Bynes

Dear Amanda (thaaaaaaaaaaat’s you!),

Hello there, How are…well the world know how you are doing, which is wonderful. I’m a big fan of yours. I’ve followed you since the beginning of your career on “All That” and I’m going to be keeping it real with you because I respect you-I’m worried about you, especially after this tweet: Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 11.28.35 AM

First, let me just tell you that saying this, whether serious or not, won’t get you laid. Most people assume that anything involve murder is a bad thing so telling someone, who is black and a rapper (stereotyping too), that you want them to “murder your vagina (thank you for using its given name)” isn’t going to come across the same way as you would want it too. You might as well said “I want @drake take me to pound town …well you can take it from since this is a classy blog/show.  Second, I would like to thank you for ruining my childhood with your tweet to Drizzy Drake because I don’t want to think about Penelope Taynt getting taken to “pound town” by Jimmy Brooks, who couldn’t take Ashley to pound town because he was in a wheelchair and couldn’t get it up all the time.

I’m not worried about you because I think you are cray-cray and slowly becoming Lindsay Lohan 2.0, I’m worried about you because people are comparing you to Lindsay Lohan, a fate that I wouldn’t even wish on my enemy (sorry LiLo, but it’s true). Please don’t become like Lindsay Lohan because…well, look at her. Granted, she’s better than what she was back in 2005 but still!  Please, Please, Please don’t post stuff like this because you are way better than Lindsay Lohan…mainly because you not are cray-cray and into drugs…..at least from what I’m aware of.

Anyways, I hope you have a wonderful day and please, try not to become like Lindsay Lohan.


Steven Kaufman

Host of The Pop Project:with Steven Kaufman

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