E! and the Beliebers have a Heart Attack

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Yesterday was a rough day for the Biebs and the people of E!. E! had the privilege of being one of the organizations hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army. The group attacks media targets it sees as sympathetic to Syria’s rebels. Victims include the BBC, Al-Jazeera English, The Associated Press, and the Guardian.

The group took control of both E!’s “E! Online” twitter account and its SMS alert system. The group struck by first tweeting that Justin Bieber had come out to E!News by saying “I’m A Gay”.  It then proceded to tweet about Angelina Jolie saying, in E!’s lastest issue, that “Jordan is to blame for  the Syrian refugees’ atrocious conditions”. It also just happened to throw in that Selena Gomez, the what we think might be Justin’s ex-girlfriend, is supportive of Justin’s coming out of the closet.

This tweet literally sent the Beliebers into a full fledge BF, or bitch fit. They were sending hate tweets to E! and it probably took them at least a good 3 hours into it to realize that E! was hacked.

Shortly after this, the twitter was suspended and everything appeared to be calm, besides for the Beliebers shade, until the SEA took to E!’s SMS alert system and sent out messages like, “Jah, Bieber am made of butter and worth your 2k monies”, and “F**** Barack Obama via Syrian Electronic Army”. They even sent out a message about regaining control of the twitter.

The most shocking and controversial messages was ones that Justin Bieber was arrest by police in Dubai and then was critically injured in a anti-gay suicide bombing in a local Dubai police station. Luckily, both of these was false due to Justin performing his schedule concert that every night in Dubai.

I would like to point out that the SEA just ruined all of their credibility by 1) picking E! to hack and 2) for not researching the place they were hacking more thoroughly. Out of all the new sources in America, you pick E! !?! You could have hacked “The Washington Post” or even the “New York Times” but instead, you chose to hack the place that made the Kardashian’s famous-er??

To make matters even worse for yourselves, you didn’t even do your research on both E! and Justin Bieber. E! doesn’t publish issues but Entertainment Weekly does. Besides, E! wouldn’t even publish something like Angelina’s thoughts on the Syrian refugees because frankly, it wouldn’t interest their viewers. No one that watches E! or reads the articles on their site would even give a crap. They would only care if it involved one of the many adopted children or the Syrian’s refugees causing Brad to go back to Jennifer Aniston.

Also, know that Selena Gomez more than likely wouldn’t support Justin Bieber coming out if he was truly gay. Since she would be his last girlfriend, she would have turned him gay and that would cause her to be undateable because no one would want to date that.

Also, your English was terrible but I’ll let that slide due to it not being your native language.

So, Syrian Electronic Army, the next time your decision to hack an American news outlet (I’m not saying to but it pretty much a given that you will), make sure you do the following:

  • Make sure your news outlet isn’t celebrity or entertainment news
  • Research, reasearch, research!!
  • Learn how to write better if you are trying to not make it so obvious the site was hacked.


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