Lovatics have another heart attack

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Today was a big day for the Lovatics. Our own Bailey Miller literally couldn’t believe what was happening:

Demi’s album is currently being unlocked song by song on twitter! One song is already unlocked. I’m crying and screaming OH MY GODDDDDDDD!!!:)

That is right. Demi Lovato pretty much leaked her album today over twitter in what is probably the first time this had happen, at least in recent memory. Each song had its own hashtag and based on the amount of tweets, it would be leaked on her official site. This occurrence was called “Lovatics Speed Up Time” (titled since the album will be out next tuesday).  Demi’s PR team is pretty much on their A game this time round. The PR for this album has literally been some of the best promotional stuff I’ve seen so far.

From the whiting out of her social media for the début of “Heart Attack” to literally leaking the songs based on the amount of tweets has been pure genius. But the real question is what will this do to the new album’s sales since it leaked early? Only time will tell if this will end up hurting the album, “Demi”,  but for now, Demi is one of the only artists that is using social media to her advantage.

Tune in later this week for our  review of Demi Lovato’s  new album, “Demi”.


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