5 Internet fads that proves people are dumb

banner popHave you ever had those moments when you’re searching online and you find something that just makes you want to set fire to your eyes and just hurt the people who created? I know I have so here are my top 5 internet fads that proves people are dumb.

5. Goat Parodies

I’ve spoken about this earlier in my post about them and I think that covers my thought on it very clear but Goar Parodies are still internet fad.

source: tumblr.com

4. Twerking

Now this was something that originally started way back in the 90s but it didn’t get famous until the 2010s. This dance is a person shaking their hips and bottom in a bouncy up and down motion, causing it to shake in a sexually suggestive twisting fashion. There is like a zillion videos of people, mainly women, twerking. Most recently, Miley Cyrus recorded herself twerking in a unicorn suit.

These videos…..yeah….they just need to stop. They aren’t even anything interesting. It just people shaking their butts and they are just a waste of space on-line.

Justin Bieber goes coning for Ryan Seacrest

3. Coning

This one is just a waste of a perfectly good ice cream cone. Here, you order an ice cream cone, usually via the drive thru, and instead of grabbing it at the cone part-you grab it at the very top so that the ice cream gets all over your hand and the poor person that happened to be working and handing you this ice cream cone. Why in the world would you spend money on something that you don’t really plan on enjoying. It’s like getting a puppy but instead of taking it home with you, you leave it at your parent’s home. You don’t get to fully enjoy the puppy and it’s just a waste of money.

source: popdust.com

2. Harlem Shake

This is literally the most pointless dance videos in the history of the world. In this video, you have one person dance (usually humping the air) and then, a bunch of people join in and do The Bernie or some random dance moves for the rest of the video. Once you watch it, you will want to get those precious moments of your life back. The only version that I openly support is the one by the Backstreet Boys. Theres is them actually dancing and there is a dance routine.

Also, the song is a horrible song. It’s the same beat over and over. Did you also know that the first line is “Con los terroristas”, which is spanish for “With the terrorists”. So pretty much telling you to dance with the terrorists. I could go into that but I’ll leave that for Sarah Palin.

1. Planking

This is pretty much is the stupidest fad that has been made. You lay down on something with your face down with both hands touching the sides of the body. It’s pretty much like the Dead Man’s Float but minus the pool. It has no purpose to it. At least with the other fads, there was a purpose to it.  This one, it’s just laying on something. People even make it dangerous by planking top of walls and you would fall and break something.



Got an internet fad that you just hate or just wanna share your input on the ones mention above? Leave them in a common below!

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