Shows that should have been left alone: Teen Titans


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Everyone remembers, or should have at least heard of, the 2003 television adaption of the DC Comic superhero team Teen Titans (if not,then you must remember this!). Well, they decided to bring back Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, and Beast Boy in this year in a kind of continuation of the series called Teen Titans Go!. Unlike my rant about The Powerpuff Girls Z and how it basically ruined the franchise , this is pretty much going to be straight to the point because its just the same show minus some major differences.

The new show is pretty much an extremely watered down version of it awesome original. I know what you are thinking, It’s made for a new audience. But Cartoon Network should realize that any television program involving comic book characters will bring an adult following to it. While the channe aimed towards children during the day, it’s still not an excuse for the cheesy and poor writing in this show. It’s pretty obvious that it isn’t the same writers because Teen Titans Go! has a totally different tone than what was in Teen Titans. Teen Titans Go! is pretty much based around task like finding the ingredients to the greatest sandwich in the universe while Teen Titans was more focused on the villains (The episodes involving Terra was my personal favorite) and even serious storylines like Terra sacrificing her life to save Earth, Raven trying to prevent her dark side and her father from destroying her home, and even had Robin working as Slade’s apprentice to save the life of his friends, who were infected by a fatal virus.

The tones on each show probably had a lot to do with different art styles. Teen Titans was more anime looking while Teen Titans Go! is more cartoonish. The anime feel made it more serious since it looked like the art styling of Cartoon Network’s extremely popular Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. Teen Titans Go! was originally apart of the DC Nation block before sparking off on its own.

The bottom line is that if you are going to have the original cast reprise their roles and call it as an follow-up, at least make it fateful to the original. It wouldn’t be as bad if they found new voice actors because then it could stand on its own as a complete new and unrelated show without being compared to the show that made J-Pop and the Teen Titans popular.

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