Fantastic Four gets a change of color


Hold your arms back and don’t disappear!! According to many sources, FOX is looking to do a reboot of the Fantastic Four movies (I know, wasn’t the first two enough torture). While this doesn’t have fans in an uproar, they are outraged at the fact they are looking to cast an African-American to play the role of the Human torch, Johnny Storm. Director John Tank is allegedly looking at Michael B. Jordan to play the cocky fire starter. No one has confirmed or denied this, but the fans have pretty much taken it as a bad thing (no pun intended).

Most fans are worried about how this will affect the character since Johnny has been portrayed as white. They also worried about how this would affect Susan Storm, because there’s no way that she can stay the same if her brother is a different race.

Personally, I understand where the fans are coming from because movies based on comics tend to not stick to what has been established in the comic books. But let’s be real people-adding a bit of this color to the Fantastic Four could help this somewhat boring franchise. In the world of you have the likes of the Iron Man and X-Men franchises, the Fantastic Four just doesn’t compete with them with interesting story lines and content. The storyline of it is really outdated and needs to get a reboot itself if it will be able to compete with those franchise and make money. Now before you all comic book fans jump down my throat and send me hate e-mail or leave me hate comments, let me explain what I mean by reboot the storyline.

As many of you know, DC Comics just did a reboot of their entire comic book series (i.e. Batman, Superman, etc.) called “The New 52”. What they did was they cancelled all the series and started from the ground up. This is what I feel like Marvel needs to do, especially with the Fantastic Four. The Fantastic Four have always been the redhead stepchild of the Marvel heroes because they weren’t anywhere in the leagues of the X-Men or the Avengers. But I’ll go more in-depth in another article on The New 52 and Marvel Comics.

The Bottom line is: Stop worrying about the color of Johnny Storm and judge the movie that could potentially add new life to what is a dwindling series. The fact that you are concerned about a comic book characters race doesn’t look kindly on you as well.

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