Sounds like Teen Spirit


Day 2 of our review of the A-Teens’ discography has held us to their second album, Teen Spirit. The album is the first to feature their own music (minus one cover of a dreamstreet song but I’ll get to that later) and showed that they are a force to be reckoned. A small force like a gust of wind but still a force.

This album is a far cry from their Europop roots. It sounds like it’s more tailored to the American audience with it sounds that reminds me of *NSYNC’s “No String Attached” and Britney Spears’ “Oops!…I Did it Again” albums. Which would make sense why this album is a pretty forgettable minus a few songs. Most of the songs on the album just fall flat and make you skip over to one of the singles.

What did work for this album?: The single were pretty much the best things on the album. They are the best part of the album and are the only reason why you would buy it. “Firefly” wasn’t a single but it’s one of the better tracks that should have been a single. One of the best singles they released was “Sugar Rush”, a Dreamstreet Cover. This song is probably the best tracks they have released and one of their most successful singles.

Rating: 2 generous doses of Teen Spirit of out 5

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