Miley Cyrus will not stop

mileycMiley Cyrus, America’s resident llama impersonator and  Salvia enthusiast, just released her newest single “We Can’t Stop” this morning on “On-Air with Ryan Seacreast” and it’s time for my review of it!

This songs just seems like Miley is trying to relieve her “Party in the USA” summer hit days and she is on the right track if this is true. It’s pretty much one of those songs that you play at a bonfire. It’s a simple song but one that is kinda catchy. It even use one of the many technique the greatest songwriters use that makes hits: random syllables that are used to rhyme with words. I don’t know if this is a statement to today’s society but she used this technique with the word party. Here is how many words rhyme with party:

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 11.09.08 AM

While it wouldn’t sound as cool as how it does in the song, I’m pretty sure Miley just got lazy. Anyways, this song is just about having a good time and enjoying life.  The song even shows off her vocal ability, which Miley is on the top of her game even after taking a break from singing after the release of her most controversial album “Can’t Be Tamed” (which was pretty much amazing).

What didn’t work: While it wasn’t much, it was just the overall beat of the song. It just stayed the same through the entire song and didn’t build any moment or anything like that. While it still works with the song, it just catches you off guard at first. Also, the opening with the guy taking isn’t needed. It’s pretty much as need as Miley’s bra. The song also took me at least 2 listens because it started to get catchy and I began to really dig it.

Rating: 3.5 Hannah Montana wigs out of 5


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