Shows that should have been left alone: Sailor Moon


She’s fighting evil by moonlight and winning love by daylight.She never runs from a real fight because she is the one named Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon brought Japanese anime into American mainstream culture with its writing, storylines, and cartoon girls fighting in a schoolgirl outfits with lesbians that are portrayed as cousin that just happen to be extremely close to each other (I smell incest!). Without this show, we would have some of Japanese’s greatest exports like Power Rangers, Pokémon and YuGiOh! But a travesty has happened and it’s time that it was mentioned because it shouldn’t have happened to this wonderful show.

In 2003, Japan decided to combine aspects of their extremely popular Super Sentai and Karmen Rider series with the Sailor Moon series to form Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. This practice is commonly referred to Tokusatsu and is actually very popular when it actually works. But when they decided to do this to wonderful manga turned anime, it was pretty much reeked of mediocrity and sadness (mainly sadness). While I give them props for trying to create a new approach to this franchise, it is/was a horrible idea.

The story of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon follows the first arch/season of the Sailor Moon franchise. Unlike The Powerpuff Girls Z, it stays true to to format with the characters names being the same and the storyline being the same. I know what you are thinking-If it stays true to the original show/format, then what made it so wrong? Well, it’s the way it presents itself.

The fighting on the show is pretty much outlandish at times and just looks like it’s a joke. It might have to do with their outfits looking like they were uncomfortable or that every actress was wearing a wig when there were in their Sailor form, even when they really didn’t need to wear one (Sailor Mars). When I was watching it, I just couldn’t help but wonder why they didn’t take the time to make the wig seem more realistic and not so horrible.

When it came to the acting, it seemed like they were trying to make it seems like an anime with real people. This was just a horrible idea and the person who thought or considered this needs to be hit on the head with a Tuxedo Mask’s cane- very hard. If we wanted to watch an anime, we would turn on the anime version (which is way better). Acting itself was pretty bad as the characters didn’t seem like their anime counterparts or even like they liked each other. It didn’t even have a misfits coming together feel to it.

Sailor Luna

One of the major things that made me want to punch Sailor Mini-Moon/Chibi Moon in the face was the creating a brand new Sailor Scout- Sailor Luna. Sailor Luna is pretty much Sailor Moon’s cat as a Sailor Scout. All Luna needs to do to transform into Sailor Luna is turn into a girl then use her cellphone and presto! She turned from a cat into a girl-like-cat.

WTF? I would just like to point out that Sailor Mini-moon/Chibi Moon didn’t come into the series until Season 3-4 depending on the Japanese/American version. Just the fact they pretty much ruined the Luna character by turning her into what is one of the most annoying Sailor Moon characters ever, makes me furious. Granted, this gives Luna more of a presence in battle but the Luna character is one that is ment to be more of an Advisor.

Needless to say,  Sailor Luna was the nail in the coffin that pretty much told me that Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon sucks.


Here’s a bit of some old school sailor moon so you can get the taste of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon out of your thoughts…in japanese:

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