Mother Monster mad, Mother Monster smash!


Looks like it isn’t the time to get on Mother Monster’s bad side.  Lady Gaga and her camp, or should I say Haus, had a leak tonight and it was a pretty huge one. Her latest single, “Applause”, was supposed to be out on August 19th, in honor of the pre-order for Gaga’s latest masterpiece ARTPOP, but parts of it was leaked and she isn’t a happy camper.  Just take a look at the tweets she let out:

Screen Shot 2013-08-10 at 9.43.40 PM

Rumour has it that they might be moving up the release just so the song won’t leak, but it just might be a little too late for that. The single itself could possible leak anytime now. It’s really only a matter of time and time isn’t on Gaga’s side.

The irony in this whole situation is that a Gaga “demo” leaked this week, called “Aqua” or “Burqa”, which she doesn’t seem to be too worried about. This could be a sign that the song was supposed to be on her third, but really second, album “Born This Way” or even on there second, but really deluxe edition of her first, album “The Fame/The Fame Monster”.

If I was Lady Gaga, which would be a scary thought to begin with,  I would be trying to see if the song could get released early because with over a billion people using the internet, it’s going to be hard find out who leaked that song.  The leaker could have even sent it to multiple people by now. Using the leaking to your advantage is the only thing Lady Gaga should be doing now.


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