Katy Perry makes it roar


The queen of cupcake bras and fireworks is back and she’s ready to make her new music shine. Katy Perry released her newest single, “Roar”, today and let me tell you….it’s sounds like a Katy¬†Perry song. Take a listen:

The song starts out sounding like “Hard knock life” from Annie and that rap song of the same name by a little rapper known as JAY-Z (I’m eagerly awaiting for a mash-up called “Hard Knock Roar” so get on that internet). The lyrics are very “Firework-y”, and by that I mean they are inspirational. The only difference is that these lyrics paint a better picture than what “Firework” did, which we can thank her “boyfriend” John Mayer for. The lyrics in “Roar” talk about coming out on top when the world is out to get you while “Firework” talks about feeling like a plastic bag in the wind. While one can argue that “Fireworks” is more metaphoric and that the lyrics aren’t meant to be taken literally, I say you’re¬†overthinking it and just to move on with your life.

The song itself will get stuck in your head and make you want to beat it out of your head, which is a standard practice with any Katy Perry song.

What didn’t work for the song? Well, it’s suppose to be musically different than her “Teenage Dream” stuff but it’s realistic isn’t. The lyrics are a thousand times better than the “Teenage Dream” stuff, but the music itself is what’s holding back the song. Katy Perry shouldn’t be playing around with her sound on her fourth album, “Prism”, either. Usually by the fourth album, an artist knows what their sound is and can play around with it a little bit but not totally take their career in another musical direction. Artist that do that, i.e. The Simpson sisters, don’t have success with that album most of the time. Hopefully, Katy will be the exception there but we will have to wait to see if that is the case when she releases “Prism” on October 22.


Rating: 3 tigers out of 5

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