The Wanted Owns the Night

the wantedwotn

The bad boys of the United Kingdom’s music scene are back and they have released their newest single, “We Own the Night”. Take a listen to the newest The Wanted single:

The new single is very much a The Wanted song. It’s musically different from their hit “Walks like Rihanna” but still sounds like a normal song they would put out. It also reminds me a lot of Ke$ha’s “The Last Goodbye” with the melody and chorus. The irony about this situation is that The Wanted is singing out partying and Ke$ha isn’t (never thought I would see the day). The song is pretty much a wonderful end of summer anthem, which is coming up soon.

My favorite part of the song is the ending because it’s a kind of acoustic slow down part of the song where it still carries the overall theme and riff of the song but on a piano. And we all know that Piano’s makes things classy. The chorus is also extremely catchy like anything that has a na-na-na part (I called it the Na-Na-Na effect).

What we didn’t like? It sound like something we have heard before, i.e. Ke$ha. The song doesn’t sound like it’s a brand new single from them. It sounds like a song that we have all heard before (it might to do with the fact that every artist/band these days has a song and/or album called “We Own the Night”). ┬áThe other songs by them have sounded like fresher than this song.

Song is still a good song and a good end of summer anthem, it’s just sounds like something we’ve heard before, which will ultimately be the downfall of this decades music.


Rating: 3.5 bottles of Jack out of 5

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