Miley Cyrus gets to banging y’all


Guess what got released early via a iTunes stream guys!?! It’s the new MILEY CYRUS CD!! That’s right, Monday was a glorious day for all the smilers out there. With the stream release, it’s now time for our review of the album that the world….okay, the universe…has been waiting for.

Like many people , I was scared for my life because the new Miley is pretty much one scary and slightly disturbing with a mix of sex appeal that she hasn’t had before. The album title,”Bangerz”, itself just sounds like a bad porno title that was rejected because there was no story or flow with that movie and no one would watch. Well, the bad porno movie I just described to you is pretty much this album in a nut shell. But the no story or musical flow is what makes this album pretty much awesome. The album gives you the feel of what’s it like to be in Miley Cyrus’ head- A jumbled up southern mess of awesomeness.

Produced by her new “beau” Mike WiLL Made It, the bulk of the album is good ole dirty southern hip hop, which works surprisingly well with Miley.  At certain points, I felt like I was too white to be listening to Miley Cyrus (which is pretty much the weirdest statement I have stated in my life). The album has it parts of Miley’s pop roots that shows off her vocals. Most of the pop songs are pretty much about her break up with Liam Hemsworth. Miley even gave sampled some past songs like “Push it” and “Stand by me”

This album is pretty much her début album-it’s the new Meet Miley Cyrus. The album gives you a good look into the mindset of Miss Cyrus and the most personal album that she has put out.

What didn’t work?: Nothing actually, this album is a gem!


Rating: 4.5 tongues out of 5

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