Miley Cyrus still proves that she wont stop

miley wont stop

Oh dear! My inter child is crying and it’s scared for his life. Miley Cyrus decided that she was going to do another photo shoot with Terry Richardson, the one who took the lovely photo of Miley smoking, shaving, and eating a salad. In honestly, the photo shoot are sketchy and remind me of photos one sees before a sex tape is release (One Night in Montana!).

In the new photos, that I won’t post on here because they are Not Safe For Work (or for anyone to see for that matter), Miley literally leaves nothing to the imagination. After view the photos, you can now say that you’ve seen Hannah Montana boobs…and parts of her Hannah. If these photos don’t scream sex tape, then I don’t know what does! The best photo, besides the one confirming that sheer tops are not the answer (Oh, and the close up of her tonuge!), is the one with her using a can as a penis and Terry appeared to be creeping in the mirror. I’m pretty sure he’s using his iPhone to take these photos, which just screams creep.

Who knows what Miley has in store for us next…maybe she’s appear in playboy with the Hannah Montana wig on or just grow her hair back out. I would prefer the grow the hair out for the sake of my childhood and sanity.

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