Justin Bieber gives the gift that no one will forget


While others are celebrating Christmas and New Year’s Eve with friends and families, one fan base is in mourning this holiday season. Justin Bieber’s faithful, and sometimes stupid, beliebers are crying on their Christmas cookies as Bieber announced on Christmas Eve that he will be retiring at the tender age of 19.  He tweeted out this to his over 40,000,000 followers:

This wonderful Christmas gift sent them into a panic. This also probably wasn’t the brightest move on his part especially when his fan base started this nifty (that was sarcasm btw) trend on twitter called “Cuts for Bieber”, where they pictures of themselves slitting their wrist to get Bieber to stop his childish ways. He should know that his fan base is a bit intense with their love for him, but then again, he probably doesn’t even know that due to he never spoke about the “Cuts for Bieber” trend (even when it made headline news outlets worldwide).

The beliebers have already turned on themselves on Twitter though. They are starting mini twitter wars and it’s pretty much like The Hunger Games.

While this was speculated/said in an interview early this month, it was declined by Bieber’s team. I totally believe that this is a publicity stunt for his movie that is coming out today. No one would have seen this movie because it seems like a “Never Say Never” Part 2 but with drugs, peeing in buckets, and brothels (sounds like a fun night with R.Kelly).  Now that he is retiring and his tour is over, this movie is the beliebers last chance to see him live. Any “loving” fan base would go see that movie! This also reminds me of when Amanda Bynes said she retired from acting and then she was like “just kidding” and she went cray cray (fingers cross that Biebs goes crazy).

Bieber’s new movie “Believe” is out in Theaters today.


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