Miley Cyrus….yeah


Miley Cyrus is back, y’all! This time, it’s a music video that is pretty much a sex tape…that is only starring her.  So we thought we would watch it and review it for you so you don’t have to put your eyes through it (you’re welcome for that).


The song

When I heard that “Adore You” was going to be the third single, I was a bit angry and confused. Originally, rumor had it that “SMS (Bangerz)”, featuring the legendary Britney Spears, was going to be the third single and that was a good catchy song.  But having 2 ballads single back to back wasn’t the greatest idea that Larry Rudolph and Miley had even if Miley Cyrus shined when she did ballad.

“Adore You” is an overall okay song. It’s a ballad that pretty much has the same theme of “Wrecking Ball” except she isn’t going to come through like a Wrecking ball but rather a much subtle approach. The vocals on the song are good minus the beginning part that reminds me of the Hannah Montana segways when someone sad happened in the scene before. The background instrumental/beats are just weird with the song. Granted, most of Miley’s album are this but it just doesn’t work in this song.


The Video

Here’s the video if you want to brave through it:

The subtle approach that the song has is literally thrown out of the window by the music video. The video is Miley wearing skin color underwear in what I assume to be expensive see-through sheets, the only kind when you are expecting to get lucky. Then she’s wearing some sort of shear body suit, that looks like her grandma knitted her for christmas, in a bathtub.  During this video, Miley is learning about the touch of her hand (Britney Spears song reference click here for the song if you don’t know it). Yes, Miley made the first ever solo celebrity sex tape that works as a music video. She also bust out a video camera and then records it herself.

The whole video is….just one big awkward video. It’s more awkward than “Wrecking Ball” (I didn’t think that was possible). It also didn’t leave a lot to the imagination which by now, it isn’t a surprise. Overall, I think this wasn’t a great move by her management team or by her. For the first time, I’m rather disappointed by Miley.


Rating 3 video cameras out of 5

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