Top 5 Events in 2013 that Pop’ed Our World: Amanda Bynes Mental Breakdown


In honor of the New Year, we thought that we would count down the top 5 events that pop’ed our world. Number 4 on our countdown is….Amanda Bynes’ mental breakdown.

When we started 2013, I don’t think any was expecting our beloved Nickelodeon star of the 90s (sorry Kenan and Kel but you ain’t got nothing on Bynes) to go down the path that she did. We starting to get a hint of something when Amanda started to get into legal problems back in March 2012. But then from their it started to just spiral out of control. But it wasn’t until she debuted her “new look” in the spring of 2013 that we finally meet Amanda Bynes (now with wigs and cheek dermals!). This Amanda was pretty much a train wreck and at the time, we had to clue what was wrong with the once popular actress. She was pretty much the new Lindsay Lohan. 

After she started some fires (she’s legitimately started fires), her parents put her on a conservatorship (like Britney has…still) and put her into rehab during the summer in order for her to get better.

Thankfully, Amanda got help and was released in this month! She back in Los Angeles with her parents and is planning on attending Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in the new year! While Amanda isn’t out of legal problems yet, it’s good to see her back to somewhat normal.

Amanda in December 2013                                                                        Photo-US Magazine

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Check back on December 29th for the number 3 event in our Top 5 events in 2013 that pop’ed our world.

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