Lea Michele came in like a Cannonball


It was only a matter of time before Lea Michele would release her very anticipated first single “Cannonball” and boy did she come in strong. With the music video released yesterday, we thought that it would be only fitting to finally do a review of Michele pop debut.

“Cannonball” is off of her first album called “Louder” and this song is pretty much one that showcases Michele’s vocals. It pretty much is the perfect song for her. It’s ballad, which all the glees know is her specialty. ┬áThe song is pretty much her ode to overcoming the odds and living for today. It could even be about moving on and be strong after you lose someone (me think she wrote this as one of the songs for Cory). It also shows that she isn’t one for this kind of music because “Cannonball” is the most well pronounced song on the radio today (It’s CAN-NONBALL). She sings the song like she’s on broadway again (that’s right, she’s was on broadway). Overall, this song is pretty much amazing and she will be giving Ariana Grande a run for her money.

Now the video itself is extremely visually appealing. It has a lot light and such and it’s just very sexy to the eyes. It pretty much tells the story that the song is telling. It everything starts out all dark and spooky and then it slowly become lighter and more fool of light with it eventually being all fully lit (and Michele posing and singing all sexy).

Overall: This is what everyone was suspecting when we first heard that she was going to be making an album.  Here the video. Give it a view and let us know what you think in the comments below:

Rating: 4.5 gold stars out of 5

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