Long time ago, we used to be a TV but now we made a movie via Kickstarters

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So I’ve always big a HUGE Veronica Mars fan and I’ve meant to write a post about the new trailer for the highly anticipated movie based off of the cult classic. Instead of writing this like an article, I though I would just write about how much this trailer made my day. Before I pretty much fangirl, here the trailer:

Now this movie picks up years after the beloved television show where Veronica Mars is now a lawyer and romantically involved with Piz (we all remember Piz right? The one that wasn’t Logan but still was somewhat beloved by fans) before she gets called back into Neptune when she find out that Logan Echolls is yet again under arrest and accused of murder (please reread “murder” that in a british accent while you twiddle the ends of your mustache).

Now when I saw this trailer, I was pretty much excited as one can be because it was VERONICA FREAKING MARS! The trailer pretty much proved that it was going to be the same Veronica Mars that we all know and love…just with on a bigger screen. It has pretty much all the characters that you know from the show! Now it would have made it better if Duncan Kane was involved but more than likely we won’t find that out until the movie opening in Theaters ¬†on March 14.

The movie already has hype as it was the biggest Kickstarter campaign ever and the most successful of 2013…if not ever. So for the movie looks like it will be what every marshmallow, Veronica Mars’s fan base, could dream of having. It might even have potential for sequel or hopefully a continuation of the television show.

Are you as excited about this movie like me? If so, leave in the comments about what you are most excited about.

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