Enrique Iglesias is a freak


Ladies, hold on to your pants! The latin lover of all lovers Enrique Iglesias is back and he is trying to seduce you by tell you that he’s a freak.

Song is properly titled “I’m a Freak” is pretty much like every english song that he has put out since the release of his hit song “I Like It”. This song even features Pitbull, who is back to his “Mr. Worldwide” ways and making us wish someone would give him a new nickname. There’s nothing special to this song, it’s not really catchy and it’s nothing that will send you into a love coma.

I mean his voice will still have the effect that it normally doesn’t but again, it’s just an average club song. I really wish that he would try different types of pop music with his english numbers but I guess this is what we are getting *sigh*.

The music video is pretty much just one big orgy. There women crawling all over him and in thongs…for 3:55 minutes. Yep, that’s what the video is full of.

Overall, this song will leave you wanting more and wanting less thongs in the video. Probably going to be a hit but it’s nothing that anyone will remember in the fall.

Rating: 2.5 Pitbulls out of 5

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