Austin Mahone goes to Funkytown



I hope you have your dancing shoes because we are about to get funky in this review of the latest single from 17-year old singing sensation Austin Mahone “Mmm Yeah”.

“Mmm Yeah” features “Mr. Worldwide” aka “Mr. I ruin many song”-Pitbull. When I first heard about this pairing, I wanted to scream because I thought “He’s going to ruin what might be a perfectly good song!” but it was rather the opposite. He wasn’t really in the song. Sure, he was in the intro and that awkward period when the song verse were over and the chorus is repeated to the end. He also didn’t say “Mr. Worldwide” which was a plus. But he part was awkward, but any over 30 man rapping in a song sung by a barely legal person is just awkward.

The song itself, sans Pitbull, was actually rather good. It kinda like the baby if “What About Love” and “Banga! Banga!” made a love child. It’s good but it isn’t any great. It brings a nice mix of 2000 pop and todays pop, something that Mahone has done wonders for.  It’s catchy but at the same time it’s not like it’s a masterpiece. Personally, I feel like after Mahone needs to just release an album already.  After 7 singles (5 singles and 2 promo), it’s time dude, just release the album.

The lyric video kind of lowers the potential of the song.  It’s has a 70s theme with Mahone lip syncing the song, including Pitbull’s part. While it was fun, the song doesn’t have anything to do with the 70s.

Overall, it’s a good song. But when you put it with “Banga! Banga!” and especially “What About Love”, it really feels like an album track that never becomes a singles.

Rating: 3 afros out of 5


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