Selena’s unexpected trip

selena rehab

After announcing that she wasn’t going to finish her latest world tour to take time for herself, no one expected that Selena Gomez would check herself into rehab. News broke on February 5th that Seleners check herself into rehab towards the beginning of January 5th for non-substance related issues at The Meadows Center in Arizona.

Reports even said that Gomez left Meadows early for the Sundance Film Festival back in January but this was confirmed ┬áby E! News to be false as they offered her a 72 hour pass and Gomez went home after the event because she “felt she was strong enough to head back to normal life” (so that’s yeah…she left rehab early)

Many people are wondering if this is really for a substance rehab stint due to ex-Justin Bieber’s recent history with drugs, sex, and rock-n-roll. But I think it was for what her BFF Demi Lovato went for back in 2010-Depression. It would make sense due to she did break up with her very serious boyfriend before she began working on her album and surrounding herself in work. It should also be noted that Selena now joins an exclusive list of former Disney stars that have been to rehab. This list includes the likes of Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Lovato.

Either way, we are happy that she got the help she needed and she looks ready to conquer 2014.

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