Shows that won’t go away


There are things that just need to go away: leggings as pants, the person that thought the snuggle was a good idea, sweatpants that look like jeans (if you didn’t wear skinny jeans all the damn time, then maybe you would be comfy in jeans), and of course-Kids Bop. Kids Bop is even worse than wearing leggings as pants. Some of these things are avoidable while stupid reality shows just aren’t….well, you could change the channel but it so bad that you can’t help but watch it. Here is some reality shows that were once watchable but are now just like a bad car crash-you can’t help but watch.

American Idol

Can you name all the American Idol winners in order? Not many people can because as soon as Jordin Sparks won back in Season 6, or 2007, it sucked. Was it because it started to seem more and more fixed or because it became the mediocre singing show. Personally, I blame Sanjaya Malakar and Taylor Hick because I absolutely hated them on the show and thought they had no talent (Secretly, I was bitter that I wasn’t on American Idol). But realistic, the show was just a shell of what it was due to the fact that other network finally started to make “knock off” versions of it (the irony of in that is American Idol is a Simon Cowell knock off of a show he created in the UK). It also lost it’s edge because it just got plain stupid after Simon and Paula left. They started to add weird rules and what not and get extremely stupid judges like Ellen DeGeneres (Love Ellen but was she REALLY a good choice??). The contestants became unforgettable (fun fact: I went to high school with one of the people who made it to Hollywood during Jordin’s season!) and people could watch bad performances on YouTube and other shows. It probably didn’t help that Simon and Ryan’s witting and sometimes high school like banter was gone.

Nowadays, American Idol is being held together by Ryan Seacreast’s hair product. They have Jennifer Lopez and 2 other judges that I don’t know who off the top of my head. Fox honestly just needs to can the show because they haven’t had any successful Idol’s since Jordin (or Carrie Underwood, who is probably the most successful Idol in the shows history).  The saddest part besides from the few successful winners, some of the most successful singers from the show didn’t even win (i.e. Clay Aiken, Chris Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson, Adam Lambert, Katharine McPhee, and the adorable Kellie Pickler).

America’s Got Talent

This is show…’s pretty much a televised version of a carnival freak show. It’s has the most random-ass group of judges, with a guy who only people in the late teens to mid 20s know about. The funny part of the show was that from 2009 to about 2012, there wasn’t any judges that were American!! There was two Brits and a Canadian (sounds like a bad joke right?). The only thing that screamed ‘merica was Nick Cannon (and that was a long shot to pull off too!).  The show had one redeem quality about it-it was different that what was normal seen on these kind of shows. It had different acts and wasn’t just people singing. It had them competing against each other too. But now it’s just really stupid and is pretty much a network version of  “Jackass”, “American Idol” and “So You Think You Can Dance” all rolled up into one damn package. The talents are somewhat stupid and been done, which is kinda of the recurring theme with all of these talent shows. There are only so many things one can do before you turn it off because you have seen it before and start comparing them. (note: it’s like American Idol-both created by Simon Cowell and based off of British shows and both suck )

So You Think You Can Dance

This show just looks dumb on paper to the point where it leaves you wondering if you its a rude remark or it’s seriously asking you if you think you can dance. It’s a better version of Dancing with the Stars but it’s still stupid. It was made when “Stomp that Yard” and “Save the Last Dance” (I bet your remembering when Julia Stiles had a career…that was a good 5 years). They should change the name to “So You Think You are Still Cool” because then the answer would be Hell Naw!

Dancing with the Stars

At first I will admit, the concept of this show was pretty ingenious…when Brittain came up with it.  Whoever’s brilliant idea it was to bring a show based around ballroom dancing is a genius!! How did they know that this form of dancing would be taking the world by storm in “da club” (I feel like we could thank ballroom dancing for starting tweaking). When the show started, it had some pretty notable celebrities but as the years went on-their definition of celebrity was haven’t been questionable. The show started to go downhill went Snooki was on the show but it was confirmed when they got the science guy!  The show is pretty much a massive crap fest.

Moral of this Article:

Most of our shows are just copies/knock off from the UK which we eventually ruin, we also have Simon Cowell to thank for most of our television, and the British are more classy than us Americans.

Have a show that didn’t make this list? Leave it in the comments below!

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