Lea Michele’s ode to Cory


With the release of her début album in about a week in Germany (aka leaking to all the world), Lea Michele has been releases songs off the album as a “countdown to the album”. Her latest song is one dedicated to the love of her life, Cory Monteith. Here the song:

Released on February 11, “You’re Mine” is a up-beat pop ballad about loving someone until the end of time. It shows off  Michele’s vocal SO well and just screams “ode to love makin'”. The power in the song just screams like she was singing it for Monteith. This song also just screams second single material, which hopefully it is.  Hopefully there is a somewhat acoustic version of the song where it’s just her and the piano.

There really isn’t very much not working with the song. The chorus isn’t really the kinda to get stuck in your head but it’s catchy still.

Rating: 5 gold stars out 5

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