The Battle for the Queendom



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It’s time to re-enter the arena! Since there has been a bitter blood feud on who is the true Queen B, we have decided to throw Britney Spears and Beyonce into the Pop Dome and to let them battle it out the only fair way we know how-record and tour sales, as well as album placement on the Billboard top 200.  Will Sasha Fierce show Britney how to “Scream and Shout” or will Britney show Beyonce who the real Femme Fatale is? It’s time to rumble! (UPDATED: It now has the Britney Residency numbers as well as up date album sales).

We would also like to note while Beyonce’s career got started as a member of Destiny’s child, we are only look at her solo career (which is the only thing you can really consider).

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While it’s no secret that Britney has more studio albums than Beyoncé, Beyoncé still managed to show some impressive numbers. Both women are recognized as one of the best-selling music artists of all time. Based off of worldwide album sales, Britney has sold 87,653,000 record while Beyoncé has sold 35,092,600.  Britney’s strongest selling album is her first album “…Baby One More Time” with 30,000,000 with her eighth album “Britney Jean” being her worst selling album with 265,000. Like Britney, Beyoncé’s strongest selling album is her first album “Dangerously in Love” with 11,000,000 and her fourth and fifth album being her worst selling with 3,000,000. Her newest album “Lemonade” is listed at her total US album sales and not worldwide. Those numbers haven’t been released yet.

All of Beyoncé albums have début at number one while Britney has six album début at number one (“…Baby One More Time”, “Oops!…I Did It Again”, “Britney”, “In The Zone”, “Circus” and “Femme Fatale”), one album debuting at number two (“Blackout”) and one debuting at number 4 (“Britney Jean”).

It should also be noted that Britney is the only artist who the only artist in history to have a number-one single and a number-one studio album in the three decades of her career.

If we had to give round one to anyone, it would have to be to Miss Spears. While she has more albums than Beyoncé, you can’t deny that she has slayed the charts since she début back in 1998. Beyoncé, you better work bitch!

Here are the record sales, by the numbers:



Now it time to get down to what really matters:

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While album sales are important, the money that one makes on tour is kinda more important because that’s people coming to see you. Now it’s time to answer question who is brought the most in touring? Britney’s six tours and residency  estimated around 463,350,781 . Now Beyoncé’s five tours estimated around 570,900,000(Note: We couldn’t find a number for her Dangerously In Love Tour so it’s not included).

While one can speculate that if Britney would have not gotten injured and had to cancel her Onyx Hotel Tour,  it would have made more but it’s pretty clear that people pay to see Beyoncé. Could it be because in all her tours she sings live and dances?

Here are the tour sales, by the number:


So we have a tie with both Britney and Beyoncé getting one round each. What would be the best way to solve this? Let’s combine the numbers and let them choose!
So with 55,988,819 more, Beyonce is the Queen. While Britney has sold more records than Bey, it’s all those tours sales what made Beyonce become the queen. So until Britney releases her ninth album, or finishes her residency, she will have to just remain the princess of pop.
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7 thoughts on “The Battle for the Queendom

    • At the time when the article was published, we didn’t have not a lot of info on the numbers that her Vegas Residency was bringing in. We do plan on updating this article with that info very soon 🙂

  1. In the spirit of being fair, her career as a member of Destiny’s Child can be written-off if you choose to; too bad you could not get the figures of her first solo tour! However, real people, who do not live in songs or albums, but the real world will love to see more of Beyonce in their world. This is the defining mark of a better entertainer!

    • Blueivysupport No, DC discography should not be included. Because whenever people look at the discography of MJ, Paul Mccartney, Justin Timberlake, they never added their sales from their group + their solo career. So Beyonce doesn’t deserve special treatment. Look at her solo career alone. Even if her singles + group discography were added, she barely beat Britney, with definitely more album release. So the queen of pop is definitely Britney.

  2. Why is the The Verizon Ladies First Tour included? That wasn’t a solo tour and involved other artists…….if you were to compare just solo tours alone Britney is Queen.

    • Thanks for reading the article! Verizon Ladies First Tour was included because Beyonce was a part of it. Nothing said in that it had to be a solo tour. While Britney hasn’t toured with others, due to probably not needing to, we would have included those tours in. Hope that clears that up.

      Hope you enjoy the rest of the content 🙂

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