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After releasing her record-breaking début album almost one year ago, Ariana Grande released her new album on Monday and it looks like our little Ariana is growing up (insert the tears and sniffles.) Since you love Ariana as much as we do, we thought that we would review the awesomeness that is her second album “My Everything.”

“My Everything” is an album filled with mature lyrics and a bit different sound from Ariana that was featured in “Yours Truly.” The album itself is more poppy and less r&B-y. While the R&B aspect of her music is still there in some respect, it isn’t heavily influencing the album like it did on her début album. The album sound is bit all-over the place so there really isn’t one style for the album and it surprising works for the album. It keeps the album fresh and shows the versatility of Ariana’s voice. Now, there are like ballads that show off Ariana’s Mariah Carey-like vocals. And yes, they make up a chuck of the album like one would expect from the second coming of sane Mariah Carey. This isn’t a problem…yet. While I love her voice, if she keeps doing the albums like this-it will become stale.

The album also features an vocal orgy of featured Artist like Iggy Azalea, Big Sean, Jessie J and Nicki Minaj (on the deluxe version), and other random artist that I have never heard of before. And yes, there is another “Popular” on this album as well…ugh.  On the deluxe version, “Bang Bang” is one of the track. While I like the song and everything, this is pointless just like putting “Popular” on “Your Truly.” They don’t heavily feature Ariana on the track and is pretty much the same one that was already out and on an album. Now if it was a different version, like “Almost is Never Enough, or one that is sung fully by Ariana then that would be different. But that’s really the only problem with the album.

Overall, “My Everything” is an amazing follow-up to “Your Truly.” We do recommend you do buy the deluxe version because it’s worth the extra couple of bucks.


Rating: 4 Mr. Purples out of 5


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