The Jelena Saga: The Heart Wants What It Wants

JelenaWell, it finally happens. We finally have a Jelena love song that is worth reviewing. I know what you may be thinking, “What about that one Justin Bieber album that he did featuring a breakup songs?” Well, that album sucked and we won’t be mention that pile of ¬†Monkey poo. Here is Selena Gomez’s song “The Heart Wants What It Wants”:

So the song is pretty much Selena confessing that her heart wants to love Justin so much even though he isn’t good for her (She’s way more romantic than Justin). Lyrically, the song shows it’s stride with its metaphors. It’s utterly and filled with metaphors. It’s like Selena pulled out a dictionary and decided to read. She’s pretty much telling us her love for Justin Bieber is metaphors. It’s a shame that this song is on a greatest hits album because it’s going to be overlooked and under appreciated.

The video for the song is just one big glimpse into the Jelena love, including a drunken rant in the beginning of the song. The video’s version of J-Biebs seems to be like less of a douche than the real¬†one. He seems like a fine young man who has his life together and not one that would be a huge douchenugget that forgets monkeys in countries and pees in buckets. Pretty much, the actor playing Justin Bieber is a better Justin Bieber than the real one.

Overall, it’s an amazing song for a subject that we love to hate. Personally, I’m tired of constantly hearing about Jelena and how they are always breaking up and then getting back together. Just make up your damn mind!


Rating: 4 drunken voice mails out of 5


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