Ain’t no party like an S Club Party

S Club

After a long ass hiatus and mini reunions, the Pop Projects favourite pop group is back! S Club 7 reunited on Friday, November 14. The group was even the original 7 piece that first busted onto the scene in 1998. While the performance had us freaking out like a bunch of 7 year olds, the performance was a pocketful of ehhh.

Now the performance was horribly bad but rather just not up to par. Tina wasn’t doing her thing, Jon wasn’t looking for romance, Paul was getting down on the floor…kinda, Hannah wasn’t screaming out for more,  We wanted to see Bradley swing (didn’t happen), We saw Rachel do her thing..and kinda, and then we had Jo, she didn’t have the flow and but had the majority of the lead vocals.

The major problem I had with this performance is that it seemed that like they didn’t rehearse it at all. I get that nerves may have been at play but this isn’t their first rodeo with reunions. While they weren’t this big, the majority of them have been apart of the S Club 3 reunions in the past. The nostalgia was there and pretty much made this performance something that dreams are made of (hey now, hey now).

It also didn’t help that when Steps performed on the same programme a few years back, they did an amazing job (even with them cutting down their dance moves). Now hopefully when they go on tour, it will be better but time will only tell.

Here’s the performance for yourself to view and enjoy:

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