Calabasas, we have a problem!


We have an epidemic worse than Bieber fever and maybe even Ebola. We, as Americans, are under a Kardashian Fever. That’s right…we are being taken over by everyone’s favorite train wreck, The Kardashians. Before I get on my soapbox, let’s clear one thing up. I’m not complaining about the Jenner’s. The Jenner’s are actually famous on their own accord. Kylie, Kendell, and Krissy (is their a Krissy?) are all models who didn’t want to get famous for being Kim Kardashian’s little step sisters. Brody got famous for banging Kristen and being on MTV. Bruce got her his fame not only running from his true self but also running for theĀ gold. Then there is like 6 other Jenner kids and they aren’t famous.

So the Kardashians, what are they really famous for? They are famous because of Kim. Kim made a sex tape of her banging a nameless rapper that happened to be famous for being Brandy/Moesha’s brother (it was like inception). Then we wanted to know about the girl “behind” the sex tape and that’s how we were cursed with “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” So did we awarded her for having sex with fame and fortune or just rewarding her for having a vagina that makes people famous? (Look at the list of her past flames and tell me you knew of them before they dated) Then everyone else is just feeding off of her and the Jenner fame. Have you ever just sat and thought about why we are so fascinated with them? Well, thatĀ started a trend of people getting famous for doing absolutely nothing.

Alex From Target (I’m sorry but the kid was just doing his job and he has a billion people hitting on him), that one guy that told us to hide our kids and hide our wife because their raping everyone out there, and Kate Gosselin (While popping our eight kids out is a feet, she doesn’t need to famous for it). I’ll go into the Teen Moms and such in a different article but why do we does our society feel like rewarding people for things like popping out babies and doing their job?

While I use this blog to talk about people who have talent and Justin Bieber, I think we need to stop and look at the celebrities we are creating and actually think about why we care as much as we do. Together we can end Kardashian Fever.

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