Bands that we would love to make a reunion

Pop Project blog banner purple pinkIn honor of the reformation of S Club 7, we decided to make a list of bands that we would kill to have reform and make a better comeback than what S Club did. So let us get it started with the bands we want to get back together.


Jump5 was a band that made Christian Pop music cool again. Yep, that’s right! When we were listening to “Spinning’ Around,” we were rockin’ out to Christian music. Then their music slowly moved towards more mainstream Pop music and they became the Disney Channel go-to band as they were on “Disneymania” not once but twice (Hawaiian Rollercoaster ride is our personal fave btw). Their dance moves were on-spot and then they even did their own stunts.  They did a brief reunion as all 5 original members got together and reenacted their major hit.



A-Teens were the coolest swedish teens during the late 90’s and most of the 2000’s. They bursted onto the scene with their europop version of AᗺBA songs. Then when they started to make their own music, we began to see just how talented they are. They had catchy music (“Upside Down” and “Floorfiller” is still our jams) and they were extremely good at dancing. It didn’t hurt that they toured with Britney Spears. It’s been rumored that they would be reuniting soon, since all of their solo careers sunk like the Titanic. Hopefully these rumors are true because it would have us over the moon.



A lesser known band but ATC, also known as A Touch of Class, was a band that was ahead of their time….well, kinda. They were pretty much a rip-off of the Swedish band Ace of Base. Their music was catchy and they could dance…kinda. They were pretty much just a bunch of pretty faces that kinda sing t it’s all good because we can cover up it up with their sick beats. They even followed the pop status quo of the early 2000’s by having the guys in the group not sing very often in the songs. The band is a one hit wonder but we still love them and hope that they can bring their pretty faces together for one more album.



Give us a new album and tour and we’ll be happy campers.


Do you agree with this list or have another band that you would like to see reunite? Leave it it the comments below.

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