Ariana tells Santa not to come


On Monday, November 24, Ariana Grande that it would be a great idea to release a christmas song four days before Thanksgiving (and a month before Christmas Eve). Since you are too busy getting your Black Friday/Holiday shopping on, we decided to review it for you. Take a listen to it here:

Now there’s nothing special to this song because let’s be real for a moment and discuss that our music industry and society has totally ruined Christmas songs. I understand that we just can’t have the classic but is it REALLY necessary to have Christmas song coming out not in the month of December? Can it wait until after Black Friday? Because of the fact we have Christmas music coming out in like September, there isn’t anything special to it because it’s out like 3 months before the Christmas season. ┬áThen we have artist making a new Christmas CD every year with different arrangements and with more duets because they don’t think we will notice (spoiler: we do!).

Now Ariana’s song isn’t bad but it’s good. It may be because “Santa Tell Me” sounds like all the other pop Christmas songs out there or it could be the fact that all of her music is starting to sound the same and she isn’t experimenting with new sounds and ways to use her vocal cord. It also sounds like a Mariah Carey song that she redid…so there’s that.

Overall, the song isn’t a really classic song. It will probably end up being on a forgot Christmas compilation CD. I think that she shouldn’t do Christmas music and just focus on her current music.


Rating: 2 candy canes to the temple out of 5


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