Glee goes in a “New Direction”

Glee 6x01-2

Well, the end is here!!! The countdown to the final episode of everyone’s favorite show to hate-Glee. FOX decided to move it to the Friday night death slot and give us two hours Glee to make up for it. Those two hours were very emotional. So let’s break down those two hours.

Hour 1: Loser Like Me
The show opened up with Rachel Berry pretty much becoming a failure and a laughing-stock of the entertainment world and Lima. From this point on, it became a sob fest. It’s pretty much a “Boo, my life sucks” Rachel episode on steroids. It’s just like 50x times more depressing because it’s not over a guy but because her dreams were smashed in a matter of a few months. But as the episode gets closer towards the end, it starts to get a little more preppier and then it comes to where Rachel takes over the Glee by using the money she earned from her failed TV show pilot…and Glee reboots itself again…but this time, it’s ran by Rachel Berry.

The music in the episode was okay. Lea Michele’s version of “Let it Go” was amazing. She slayed that song. It was really one of the only songs that stood out in the first hour. The other ones were ehhhhhhh.


Hour 2: Homecoming

The second hour was Glee at it’s finest. It was almost like season 5 never happened. Don’t get me wrong, Season 5 wasn’t the worst thing in the world. This episode was like it in like a wrecking ball with Season 1 and 2 riding on. It was rather good. It also for the first time since season 3 that they introduced characters that I didn’t want to face punch because they weren’t trying to recreate the characters that graduated (let’s be real: Kitty is pretty much the only likable one). ┬áIt also gave us a great looks at the newbies personalities. I just wished they would sing a little more than they did. It also gave us great hope in rest of the season. I also wish that it didn’t focus so much on Rachel and Kurt and their. It would have been nice to catch up with the rest of the cast as they were slightly featured in the episode for McKinley’s homecoming.

The music in this episode was pretty much amazing. I would highly recommend download it because it’s amazing. They are all stand outs.


Overall, Hour 2 of Glee was a way better episode than the first hour. Hour 2 just made me want to re-watch all of my favorite Glee episodes and such.

Rating for Loser like Me: 3.5 slushies out of 5

Rating for Homecoming: 4 slushies out of 5


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