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Ever since they hit the scene, 5 Seconds of Summer has been compared to their British counterparts One Direction. This has caused a hoopla of fan wars between the Directioners and….the 5SOS Family that end up comparing the two and it a little like verbal carnage, but on the inter webs. So we decided to put together a list a reasons that they aren’t the same and incomparable (yes, we will be stating the obvious-a lot). Before we start this list, it’s should be noted that we are neither Directioners nor apart of the 5SOS Family, which sounds like a mafia.

Reasons that One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer are incomparable:

  • They are from two different countries- While their accents sounds striking similar to the untrained ear, 5SOS and 1D are from two different regions of the world. 5SOS is from Australia mate while 1D are from jolly o’ England.
  • They aren’t enough band members to make an exact comparison- 5SOS is made up of four guys and 1D is made up of five. While 5SOS suggest there is enough, there isn’t enough people to correct compare the members. You will have to either wait until Harry Styles to pull a Ginger Spice and leave the band or wait until 1D forgets Niall somewhere.
  • They have different styles of music- 1D is more teeny bopper pop while 5SOS is like Good Charlotte and is pop punk. One thinks that they are punk while the other kinda really is pop. It’s like comparing the Rolling Stones to Cher.
  • They are in different stages of their careers- 1D has been around for like years now while 5SOS got their break pretty recently. Did you compare Britney Spears to Madonna back in 1998? No, then why should compare them like that?
  • They are different ages- 1D is older than 5SOS. You can’t compare different age groups because one is obviously going to have more experiences than other, especially when they both are bands.
  • They got their big breaks from different mediums- 1D got their break from the UK’s X Factor while 5SOS got their break from YouTube and other social media.
  • They have different styles- 5SOS look like what their music is: rockers. 1D kinda looks like they are trying to be like that but are being suppressed by their label to still be the same boys that they were back in 2010. 5SOS can do something Ozzy Osbourne (and One Direction) isn’t able to do anymore: Multitask on stage. 5SOS also plays their owns instruments and don’t need a backup band to play as they sing.
  • They have different lives- 5SOS lives a pretty much carefree style of living while 1D looks like they are about ready to cry all the time because they hate the music that they are putting out. How can you compare sadness to happiness?
  • They have different names- 5SOS’ names are easier to spell while 1D’s name you have to google search them to make sure you are spelling them right.

Hopefully these reasons helped you to see the light that it’s really hard to compare band that are so different.

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3 thoughts on “List it: 5 Seconds of Summer vs One Direction

  1. 1D is happy too. I don’t understand why did you say that they are not happy…Their names are easy to spell…They are two different boy bands, but you don’t have to say things that are not true.

    • Thank you for reading the article. The purpose of the article is to inform people in a satirical way. It was a comedic approach to the “One Direction vs 5 Seconds of Summer” feud. The not happy comment was based on their brooding poses in magazines and posters that make them look hot to the audience. The name thing was on how the media portrays boy band members as interchangeable.

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