5 Seconds of time you may not want back


I know what you may be thinking – “Steven, isn’t this like 5 seconds to late?” Well, better late than never. Just like every other musical act in this day and ages, 5 Seconds of Summer follows the trend of being found on YouTube. The Australian band released their self-titled debut album in the summer of 2014 and since then have taken the world by storm that smells like teen spirit! And since they are my favorite combination, Australian and Pop Rock, I thought I would write a review on their album. So here’s our review of their first album: 5 Seconds of Summer.

Their album remind me of the days of Good Charlotte and angst pop rock music, which is fine by me! (Pop Fact: Joel and Benji of Good Charlotte wrote a song on their album). The album features a lot of very well written music and a lot of variety of songs. They wrote the majority of the songs on their album, which really says a lot about how good they are. Their slower songs  showcases their vocals while the faster songs showcases their play ability because they play their own instruments. They even play their own instruments while they sing too! All of the songs are extremely and I’ll be honest, I wanted more songs on the album and I even listened to the deluxe version. So I found more songs that are exclusives to different countries and stores and let me tell you: they are extremely good songs. The stand out song for me was “Tomorrow Never Dies” out of the extra songs. It was absolutely perfect and I just listened to it on repeat. “Amnesia” is probably my favorite off of the real album. It just good to the ears.

What didn’t work?:  Well, Nothing really. The album is amazing. It’s like one of my favorite albums of 2014…even if I reviewed it in 2015. I liked it so much that I bought a digital version of the Deluxe version and a physical copy of the standard version. If you like pop rock music that is on the cusp of not being classified as pop music, then this is the album to listen to. Overall, they made a fan out of me.

Rating: 5 One Direction Members out of 5 

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