Grinds My Gears: Drunken Status Post

Grind My Gears Test 1

Do you know what really “Grind My Gears?” People doing stupid things on Facebook like people posting about how drunk they are.

Facebook is often a nice distraction from the world when we are feeling counterproductive and feel like getting your creep on. But often we see stuff just make you shake your head, or “smh” as all the cool kids are saying these days. In the recent months, I’ve been noticing a lot of that and which has made me wonder whether people know that once you post something on there.

Just last week, I saw a bunch of Facebook status saying how drunk they were. I give them props for being able to type it all correctly for how drunk they apparently were but that’s shouldn’t go on Facebook, especially if you are not supposed to be drink legally.

Sorry to break it to you, but get drunk isn’t cool. I’m not here telling you that you should drink,unless you are underage because then you really shouldn’t because that illegal and you could have to pay a ton of money and visit Lindsay Lohan in AA meetings on those days she decides to go.  I am just trying to tell you that an employer would look at that and probably think that you are a drunk and move on to the next candidate.

Then you have those people who decide to call people out on Facebook because that a way to stick it to them. NO!  If you go into a job interview and they were to creep on your Facebook  and see that you were calling out Miss  Cindy Lulu for totally trying to “get with your man”  and caller her a variety of names that you probably should say,  you probably won’t get hired because they will label you as a troublemaker.

We cannot forget about the people who take photos of themselves at those parties totally drunk off their mind, when they are underage and make it their profile picture. Now I know what you are thinking, who in the world is the employer going to know whether you are under age when the photo is taken. Well I’m going to guess you have a birthday like everyone else in the world does.

Well when you upload to Facebook, it gets time stamped with the date and time and they could easily get of the date the photo and could affect your chances of getting a job.

Its things like this that will ultimately cost you a job that you would want or find one even harder to find.  Yes, most of these things are common everyday occurrences but we live in a world where the internet can ruin you faster than you can say “bye” to the job you just possibly lost by posting that photo.  So before you go post a status about how drunk you are, make sure it’s worth the possible lost of your future.

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