Life lessons learned from Justin Bieber

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Have you ever just listened to Justin Bieber and thought “Man, that’s some deep shiz?” Yes, that is a thought that goes through many people’s thoughts…if they are 15-year-old beliebers. Since Justin Bieber is going to be getting his own Comedy Central Roast, we thought that we would be nice and put together a list of life lessons that Justin Bieber has taught us through his words (using this wonderful article from BuzzFeed for some of the quote).

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Justin Bieber taught us that not everyone is going to have the same things as everyone else. Like internet and comment sense. One would think that if America can produce things likes TV shows and Movies, we would have Canadian items such as spaghetti and milk of our own. I guess we should also thank the Canadian’s for these items and not Southeast Asia and the Italian’s for it as well. Where we would be without Canada?

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Justin taught us something that Rebecca Black has already taught us: Sunday comes Saturday. He has also taught us that he hasn’t taken advantage of the educational opportunities provided in the great white north….nor the ability to buy a calendar nor look on his phone. Maybe it’s because he has someone who does it for him.

Bieber Quote 3Justin taught us that even douchebags can be “hardasses,” even if it’s for the most stupidest reason in the world. I don’t know about you but if I saw Justin Bieber in the club before a show drinking/eating dairy, I would stop and go “Woah, I’m not going to mess around with a dude like that.” I mean, only really badasses drink dairy when they aren’t suppose to. What next is he going to do? Not eat his vegetables? Go one mile over the speed limit? That maybe too badass for him.

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Justin taught us that even in song, using the word bestest just makes you sound like you’re in the 5th grade, which Justin just graduated from. It also taught us that Justin is too much of a hard ass to use a real word. I get that he needed rhyme a word with “guest” but why the word bestest? You might as well use the word funniest as well.


I think that is enough life lessons for today. Check back in next week for more life lessons…hopefully from someone who isn’t a douche.

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