B!tch covered my Song: Pink Champagne


It honor of the late Joan Rivers, we decided to do our own take on the Fashion Police segment “Bitch stole my Look!” Introducing “Bitch covered my song!?!” Where we take the original song, and we compare it to the cover in the greatest test of whether it was a horrible cover that makes us want to rip out our eardrums or way better than the original. In our first edition, we thought we’d pop some Pink Champagne and compare Ariana Grande’s original version of the song to the Girl’s United cover of it!

Here are the two versions of the song:

Both songs have the same danceable beat to it but the really kicker is that they both have Ariana in it. If you listen close to the Girl’s United version of it, you can heard Ariana on back up vocals. I’m pretty sure that they just got the original version, took out the main vocals, redid the instrumental, and just layered Girl’s United’s vocal on it. I fully believed that they made this cover in a basement. The vocals on the cover are okay at best. They honestly feel like they mixed their vocals with Ariana’s in order to make them seems stronger.

We think that Ariana’s version is the better version of this song. Let us know your opinion on it in the poll below.

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