Put Your Graffiti on Kat Graham


In order to make it in the entertainment industry, you have to be a triple threat: singer, dancer, and actor. Kat Graham a household name due to her major role in The CW’s hit vampire series “The Vampire Diaries,” but the actress has been making waves in recent years for her music career.

While she has performed for years, it wasn’t until the spring 2012 when her single “Put Your Graffiti on Me” became a runaway hits due to its catchy chorus and beat. She then capitalized on the success by releasing her first Extended Play, known in the music business as an “EP”, entitled “Against the Wall” which garnered her more success and fame. It wasn’t until she released her latest single “Power” that it showed the world that Kat Graham is here to stay.

Take a listen to her sassy self in the songs that will surely rock your world and put you under Kat Graham’s spell:


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