“One Last Time” never gets old

One Last Time

It’s time to review the latest single from former Nickelodeon angel Ariana Grande! Ariana’s newest single “One Last Time” is the latest single off of her hit second album (check out the review of it here). Before you read my review of it, listen to it here:

The song itself is pretty much amazing and I would have pitched a holy fit if didn’t get chose to be the next single… and this article would have been totally different article. The song sounds like it was released in the early 2000s but got remastered to sound more current. Her vocals on the song are just to die for and are very powerful. It showcases just how powerful her voice truly is. “One Last Time” is the anthem to the break up that you wish didn’t happen and you want them back so you wrote a song to woo them over.

Not much didn’t work with this song….until I came across an acoustic version of the song that blew my mind. Here is the acoustic version:

Overall, the song is one the best songs that Ariana put out. It’s truly an amazing song and is everything. I would highly recommend getting this song.

Rating: 5 Problems without you out of 5

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