We would rather read than listen to Body Language


So if you look at the banner, you are probably confused on who the person is. It’s probably because she got enough plastic surgery to make people believe her face was mangled in a horrific fight against a car and a bear on steroid. Well this is a review of the song “Body Language” that came out in 2007 performed by this reality star who that Farrah Abraham has modeled her career after (including the botched plastic surgery). So here is the “official” video for the song that will reveal who the hell this is:

That is right! It’s Heidi Montag pretending that she can sing. Now the song has a good beat that make you believe that song might even be good then she opened her mouth and it became a huge crap fest. Her voice is overly autotuned. The lyrics sound like she likes a good romp in the dungeon if you get what I mean, and the best part of it is that Spencer “I’m a douchebag with a bunch crystals” Pratt rapping on it like he is the only rapper that was available that day. He rap felt like he got his rapping degree not from Dr. Dre but rather Dr. Whitest boy in the room.

Overall, the song is horrible but compared to her other work (yes, there is more and don’t worry, we’ll review that stuff too!). Plain and simple: The bitch sucks.

Rating: 1 crystal out of 5


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