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Grind My Gears Test 1

You know what really “Grinds My Gears?” Homophobia.

Across the pond, a British DJ decided to walk down the street and hold hands with another straight friends of his after he heard his openly gay friend talk about harassment he gets when he walks down the street holding hands with his boyfriend. Like any good social experiment, they video taped it. As they walk down the street, you can see the looks that they get. The people literally go out of their way to stare. ┬áIt reminded me of the scenes in teen movies where the main character had a rumor spread around about them and they walked down the hallway in slow motion as the people turn their head and talk about the main character with the people around them (I’ve had that happen before and believe me, it sucked).

The best part of the video is when they ask two people why they did what they did and one woman has the balls to says that she was fine with gay people but didn’t like it pushed in her face. This is suburban white bitch for “As long as I don’t see it, I don’t care.” That like saying that you like to eat fish as long as it doesn’t go in your mouth. This is actually how most people view homosexuality. They say that they are totally fine with it but then uses words like “Flamer”, and “Fag” in a way to describe someone who identifies as gay, or even as transgender, but are totally fine with them being gay. Let’s not forget everyone’s favorite phrase “That’s so gay.” If you were fine with gay, then you wouldn’t use those words in a negative way.

If you are reading this and don’t approve of homosexuality, think about it if the shoe was on the other foot. Would you want people to tell you that you are not normal and look at you like a sideshow freak just because you like someone the same gender as you? Treat you like you are alien because you love someone who you can’t help but love? Whether you believe that homosexuality is something you can fix or not, you will agree that you can’t help but love the person you love.

If you are a someone who is facing homophobia, and it is coming from someone close to you, and I have some advice for you: you don’t need them. If they can’t accept you for you, then they aren’t worth your time. Living in an environment where no one accepts you isn’t healthy. Cut those people out of your life until they are ready to accept you. It could take some time but if they really care about you, they will come around. You shouldn’t have to hide who you are in order to please people. Be yourself and people will care and love you no matter what.

We, at The Pop Project, accept you for you not matter who you love..or don’t love for that matter. Hence why you never see an article about us making fun of someone’s sexual orientation.

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