Only Twinkies, Buffy, and Ariana Grande can survive the end


The apocalypse is coming and it seems that the only way to survive it, is to get a camera, a boy who your fans ship you with, and to get in the way of everyone. Ariana Grande released the video for her newest single “One Last Time” and we have a review of it for you because we want you to know how to survive the apocalypse. Before you read our review of it, view it for yourself:

I was honestly disappointed by the music video because it wasn’t up to her normal standards of music videos that we have grown to expected from miss Grande. The music video felt rushed. While it was taken in one take, which was what Ariana wanted, it wasn’t done right. When you do videos like that in one take, it has to be planned out and carefully timed out. With the music video, it just feels like they just gave up while filming it because they couldn’t get it right and just spliced everything together. They could have told a better story if they tied in the lyrics better, which doesn’t make any sense with the lyrics. While I give the video props for not being like the rest of the music videos out there, the one take and shot through the actors eyes just hurt the video. It also didn’t help as no one tried to stop Ariana, who if the video took place in present day should have been rushed by fans, as she adventures through everything. I think this video’s premise would have amazed everyone, just not the way it was shot and laid out.

Overall, the video is an okay video. This is definitely one of the instances where the song is way better than the music video, which should be used to further promote the song playing in it. I hope that there is a “better” version of the music video because this video isn’t one that will be memorable.


Rating: 3 likes on “The Slap” out of 5

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