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Fighting evil by the moonlight, winning love by the daylight…Viz Media has released the complete unedited version of everyone favorite and first anime, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. Luckily for everyone that doesn’t speak and understand Japanese, Viz also decided to redub the anime in English including with English subtitles if we decided we want the full classic Sailor Moon experience. Here is our review of the newly dub Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (Don’t worry, we will be review Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal too!)

Let’s get one thing out: This isn’t like the Sailor Moon that you remember in the 90’s. While it looks like it, it’s literally the Japanese anime in English. You will notice it straight out of the bat with the theme song. While it has the same beat, it’s all in Japanese and is better sung. Here’s the two together:

This is also the first time the ever single episode will be dub in English and shown. That’s right, the original was holding out on us….those bastards. With that being said, this is pretty much the Japanese version wrapped up in an English-speaking bow and I’m actually okay with this. There is certain things that I would change thought but all in all, I like not having to watch for subtitles. It’s actually interesting to remember what the original English version was and what it should have been.

I wasn’t a big fan of the first part of Season One (it’s Season One, part One if you are going by the DVD). It was too slow and majority of the episodes just felt like they were filler. It really made sense why so many episodes of the first half of Season One didn’t make the cut over here in America. It really started to pick up after Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus joined during the second part of Season Two. The build up there was pretty much perfect. There was enough filler   and it kept up with the pacing until the end. Oh, there was also a gay romance going on between two of the villains. In the original English Dub, one was turned into the girl with no boobs because they wanted to teach children everywhere that not every girl will get boobs (sad, but true statement that girls with size A boobs deal with everyday).

Now the voices are something that they should have improved on. Luna’s voice doesn’t sound like a mentor (I miss the British accent). Luna sounds like she should be around the age of Usagi’s, Sailor Moon, age. I would have tried to get the original actors to reprise their roles, which I believe many of them would have. This would have brought on the nostalgia feels.

Overall, I enjoyed watching Sailor Moon, especially in its entirety, but it could have been better. Hopefully, they pick the ball up when they released the Second season, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon R.


Rating: 4 crescent moons out of 5

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