Selena wants us to know about Zedd


Selena Gomez is back and this time, she is teaming up with the German hunk that has stolen her heart Zedd (I cannot guarantee if I will not refer to Zedd as Lord Zedd). They decided that they will take their love and produce a love baby in the form of the song “I Want You to Know.” And we decided to review the single for you, that way you can save your eardrums if the song is bad: If you want to take the leap with us, here the song:

The song itself is a catchy song. It describes the love that Zedd and Selena has (or at least I like to think so).   Now the song itself is an okay song. It isn’t like Selena’s previous album Stars Dance but at the same time it’s better than the crap she threw at us on the Greatest Hits album (minus The Heart Wants What it Wants and My Dilemma 2.0). I expect it to be one of those songs that will grow over you in time but it’s not anything that I thought it would be. I had low expectations on it. While Zedd is a powerhouse when it comes to producing and releasing singles, it just felt like it was a demo. The best part was the beats at the end. I think it was mainly because of the person singing it.

While Selena has grown into a decent singer, she still doesn’t have a voice like some of the artist that Zedd has worked with. The song will be a bit better if there was a different sing that gave it a little more to it.

Overall, the song is an okay song. It’s not spectacular nor is it horrible. It’s just okay.


Rating: 3.5 Harpers out of 5

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