Immaturity is just wack

Grind My Gears Test 1

Do you know what really “Grinds My Gears?” People that act immature.

How hard is it really to just act like an adult and treat everyone with respect even if you aren’t particularly fond for them? Like if you are pissed off at someone, don’t act like you are 12 years oldĀ just ignore the person. Just can’t go through life not speaking to people you are made at. If you do that, then you will be very lonely because let’s be real: you aren’t going to get along with everyone, including people who you consider to be friends. Unless the person is just an acquaintance, which you should really look at your life if you get yourself into a tizzy then, you need to learn how to get along with them to the point of exchange the occasionally full sentences. Now, I’m not telling you be planning a sleepover where you play Truth or Dare, but just enough to where it’s not awkward to the people around you.

It’s also very immature to make fun of the person that has pissed you off. If you are on the level of maturity, then maybe you should go back to Elementary school. Now this is personal pet peeve of mine but if you are going to make fun of me, at least have the decency to do it right and properly. Like if I do something a certain way that make you want to kick a small child into a pit of tar, at least do it the way I do and not the way you think I do it. Take the time to study my movement and mannerisms. I still won’t take you seriously but it at least makes your immature act look a little more credible.

Another immature thing is complaining about the person in-depth. Now I have a gold rule for myself when it comes to complaining about others. I give myself 5 different moments to complain about someone, which can be used on 5 different people or the same. After 5, that’s a realization that it’s not worth my time and I need to move on. Constantly complaining about someone just makes you look very petty. Also, word to the wise, if you are complaining to someone, make sure it’s not to people who are associated to the person that pissed you off. Loose lips end up stabbing you in the back in the end.

Now before you judge me, I am by far the opposite of perfect when it comes to this list. I’m working on it, but I’m guilty of partaking in some of the things I have mentioned above. So in a sense, I’m the pot calling the kettle black. But at least I’m willing to admit it. I’m human so get over yourself because more than likely you have done some of the same as well. The main point of this is to point out that we, as a society, need to get are shiz together and learn to cooperate with people. We aren’t going to get along with everyone all the time. If we did, then we would be bored and bitching up a storm. I like to thing that working with people who you don’t necessarily get along with makes you a better person. Two conflicting minds usually makes for a great product when used right. It helps you see how things differently and let’s you hear someone brutally honest opinion.

It’s tough sometime to work/live/hang out with people you don’t get along with.There will be times where you want to drive a spoon into someone’s eyes. You really just have to power through it because at the end of the day, they aren’t going to always be around you (unless you live with them). If it starts to get horrible bad, then start a conversation with them about the friction because that will start to get the ball rolling. Just don’t be immature when someone pissing you off. There is a different because venting to relieve the stress of anger and being a massive dick/bitch/tool/Justin Bieber.

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