The Ode to really really really liking someone



Everyone’s favorite Canadian that happens to be older than Adele is back and she has literally created a sequel to her hit song “Call Me Maybe.” That’s right, Carly Rae Jepsen is back and she’s telling some boy (or girl, we don’t judge) that she really likes them in her newest single “I Really Like You” Before you read our review, listen to the song here:

The song itself is catchier than getting crabs at Charlie Sheen’s house. It will have you scratching away humming the chorus. And like crabs, it doesn’t go right away. It’s pretty much the same formula that was used to create “Call Me Maybe.” It’s like she said “Why fix something that isn’t broke?” and mashed it with “Tonight I’m Getting Over You” and this was a baby we got. The song talks about liking someone and trying to tell some that you really like them even though it’s not going to last.

What’s not working for the song? The fact that it’s probably more too childish for someone who is Carly’s age. Yes, I went there. The song is shallower than a plastic kiddy pool. While sometimes it’s good, but it’s not in this case. It would be better if there was more too it than her singing really like 5 hundred times.

Overall, it’s going to be a summer hit and we shall get ready to listen to it for months now. Even if it’s a horrible song.


 Rating: 4 reallys out of 5

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