It’s all about the jazz


Former boy bander Nathan Sykes turns in his catchy europop beats for something a little more smooth and jazzy. Nathan “leaked” his debut solo single to the world today via his Facebook page and gave it to his wonderful fans for free!

The song feels like he is taking a page of his ex-girlfriend, Ariana Grande’s book, and getting a little R&B and jazzy, which fits his voice perfectly. If I had to describe the vibe that I got from the single is the love child of Ariana Grande and Nick Jonas. The song is also a song about Ariana (all together now “awwwww”).

The lyrics talk about loving a girl and not being able to hate her even after they break up. Here’s some of the lyrics that really highlight the point of the song:

Nothing can make me hate you
You’re the closest thing to the heavenly nature
(Hey hey hey)
No other man’s tryin’ take you,
Come on home with me despite behavior
It’s a cold cold world when I’m without you
Don’t you know know girl
I’m looking, I found you,
I love you more, more more, more then you’ll know
And I need you more, more then you’ll ever know

The lyrics are pretty much an ode to heartbreak. The song is just wonderful. I highly recommend listening to it because it’s frankly, one of the best song I’ve heard since Nick Jonas’ album came out. Take a listen now:


Rating: 5 stars out of 5

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